Player/Parent Expectations

Parent Code of Conduct

All parents in the program need to agree to and abide by the tenants below:

The role of a Monroe Girls Select Basketball parent is not to coach or officiate – it is to support their children and their teammates. Monroe Girls Select Basketball has the following expectations of all parents in the program:

  • Be positive role models & supportive fans of all involved
  • Display and instill in all players the principals of good sportsmanship and team play
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that best serves the interests of the players and coaches/team managers
  • Make certain that their children show respect for all other players, coaches, officials and serve as role models in this regard. Maintaining “positive talk” in any situation is key in youth athletics and prepares players to navigate challenges now and at the next level
  • Do not ridicule or demean players, coaches and officials in any capacity. While watching a game, maintaining a positive presence in the stands is key in supporting players and coaches
  • Inform the coach of any disability, ailment or temporary circumstance that may affect the safety or attitude of their child
  • Comply with the decisions of league & tournament officials and observe all rules, policies and procedures as established or endorsed
  • Do not question any coaches’ decisions publically, playing time or otherwise. Proper communication protocol will be set forth by your coach at the start of the season and Monroe Girls Select Basketball expects only courteous and well-mannered questions and communication
  • Respect the opponent and officials; avoid any confrontation with opposing players, spectators, or coaches
  • Be drug, tobacco and alcohol free while at any program event where players of any age are present
  • Be mindful of behavior whenever wearing team apparel, whether attending a program event or not. You and your child are representatives of the program as a whole.
  • Be responsible for any of their guests’ behavior while at any program game or event; guests and other spectators will be expected to adhere to the guidelines outlined above.

This Code of Conduct is designed to assist in maintaining the integrity and vision of Monroe Girls Select Basketball and should be considered carefully. Discipline for not adhering to the Code of Conduct will be at the discretion of the Monroe Girls Select Basketball board or directors. Penalty can range from warning to removal from the program.